Memphis Termite Inspection

Need a Memphis termite inspection for your home?

need a memphis termite inspection

Of course, you do.

Termites wreak costly havoc at home and bring in a lot of health risks that can be dangerous for you as well as for your family.

Termites can bring about untold health risks thus making it important for you to focus on termite inspection and infestation procedures.

Getting in touch with our termite inspection service is a good way to ensure you enjoy a termite free home.

So, here are what make us different from the others and why it’s a good idea you let us inspect your home:

1. Reasons to choose our termite inspection

One of the biggest reasons why you should go for our Memphis termite inspection on time is that most of the home insurances do not cover termite infestation damage.

Thus, it is essential you get your home inspected at least once in a month, particularly the high-risk areas.

Additionally, you must also make sure to adhere to the environmental standards while adopting inspection methods without incurring too high structural damages.

Another reason is that we are going to give you a fair and precise termite inspection cost with 100% guarantee on quality service. 

2. Process of termite inspection

Our termite inspection begins with the identification of areas that are likely to be infested even if they are not yet infested by termites. Some of these areas include the attics, crawlspaces, and basements. Our Inspectors look for sign of termite infestation like shed wings on windowsills and mud tubes.

The inspector also taps against the wall to get hollow sounds or see if the hammer can punch a hole in the wall. They also use specialized equipment such as torches, moisture meters and flattened screwdrivers to lift up the timber and inspect underneath to find traces of termites.

3. Types of termite inspections used by us

Our termite inspections detect old termite damages and help prevent re-occurrences as well.

As a homemaker, you must know that termite inspections are of two types, a limited inspection and a full inspection.

Full inspections are suggested for the newly built homes or those planning to buy a new home, to get all the vulnerable areas checked and remedied before occupying the home.

The entire house is inspected inside out from the attic area to the foundation, ventilation and the shower stalls.

Limited inspection, on the other hand, involves inspection of certain areas in the home.

The other types of inspections that we carry out are supplemental inspections.

In which, the pest extermination experts examine areas that were inaccessible formerly.

Lastly, re-inspections where pest control companies re-examine and verify findings of pest infestations.

4. Report stage

Once the inspection is over, you can get the building report produced from our inspectors.

The reports are comprised of two sections.

The first list containing details of structural damages if any and the species of termites responsible for the damage.

All damages found are remedied immediately to prevent them from causing further problems.

Another section contains the list of detail areas of the house that are vulnerable to infestation. And, includes possible causes such as exposed wood and water leaks.

Recommendation of the inspector also includes preventing structural damages in the future.

Service quotes are also included in the details and work of authorization from the homeowner. So, that necessary action will take place against damages listed in the report given by our inspection.


You can also check out our termite and pest control services.

When you or someone you know need the services of a quality home inspection company in Memphis. We would truly appreciate you thinking of us.

You can schedule right from our website or call our office (901) 609-7555. Thank You.

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