Call In-House Inspections LLC Memphis Builders Warranty Inspections today!memphis builders warranty inspectionWould You Pay Thousands of Dollars for Someone Else’s Mistake? 

Average cost to repair builder defects by people selling their homes is $840.00.

A recent J.D. Power survey found that the typical buyer has 14 problems with the new home.

That’s up 7 percent from the 1994 study.

Now is the time to find the problem areas.

If you ignore the issue now, you’ll end up paying for repairs out of your pocket later.

When we conduct a Builder Warranty Inspection, clients are always shocked by the long list of items in need of repair.

Most homeowners are not trained in home construction or inspections. They may not be aware of a minor leak that takes a couple of years to do enough damage to appear.

The same is true for electrical problems where an incorrectly wired receptacle could go undetected until someone gets shocked or worse.

Improper yard drainage is another problem that could take years to show up as foundation problems.

As a homeowner, coming up on the 1st-Year Anniversary of your new home, you have two choices.

A. Have a Builders Warranty Inspection

1. Identify warranty repairs before the warranty expires.

2. Schedule repairs at your convenience.

3. Have the builder pay for the repairs.

4. Sleep well knowing that your home is sound.

B. Don’t Have a Builders Warranty Inspection

1. Pay to repair builder mistakes out of your pocket while you’re living in the home, Or wait until you have a contract to sell your home.
2. Worry about what the buyer’s home inspector will find.
3.  Receive the buyer’s home inspection report that will contain warranty repair issues.
4.  Try to negotiate out-of-warranty repairs with the builder under the time pressure of a sale
5.  Try to schedule repairs at someone else’s convenience under the time pressure of a sale.
6.  Pay for repairs that the builder refuses to perform because the home is no longer under warranty.

Our warranty inspections are full comprehensive home inspections with an introduction about home warranty insurance too.

We perform these inspections using the same standards we use for resale homes.

We can send the Memphis home inspection report directly to the builder as official notification of the required repairs if you so desire. 

Getting The Best Home Warranty Inspections

What is it for?

Home warranty inspections have a clearly defined purpose – that of making the most of any and all warranties applicable to a house before they expire.

Such a home inspection most often occurs for houses that were newly constructed when bought and which typically carry a builder’s promise to correct construction flaws within a year after closing.

However, an older home could also qualify for this service if it is covered by a home warranty policy.

Is it the same with re-inspections?

Home warranty inspections are not the same as re-inspections, though they both involve a return of the same inspector usually to perform follow-up work.

In the case of a warranty, some time has passed and a general re-examination of the entire building is in order.

For the re-inspection, the revisit occurs quickly, either just before or just after closing, and the only job is to inspect the repairs of specific defects.

Also, on average, the warranty inspection costs more because it involves more work.

If the home wasn’t inspected when it was purchased or, if it was but the inspector used isn’t available now, then the owner has to hire someone who hasn’t seen the house before.

In that case, the owner should anticipate paying the full fee for a standard inspection and possibly an additional charge for preparing the builder’s punch list.

If the owner uses the same individual who originally inspected his property. Then he can expect to pay a reduced fee for the warranty inspections.

Why choose us for your Memphis builder’s warranty inspection?

In-House Inspections LLC’s general approach begins by comparing the current condition of the house with what was in the original report, concentrating on previously found defects.

Next, comes a consultation with the client and a subsequent investigation of any specific issues he raises.

The final step is to conduct a limited examination. The purpose of which is to discover obvious flaws that have surfaced during the year. And that is cover by the warranty.

“I am in the process of moving back to the United States from our temporary home in Japan. Bill and his team made the inspection process smooth and easy, his report was well defined, concise, and easy to read. I especially appreciated the included photos and detailed descriptions of deficiencies found. If we chose to invest in more homes around the area we will definitely be using In-House Inspections again!” – Review of In-House Inspections LLC By Nick Belflower

How do we do it?

In more specific terms, our inspector begins the warranty inspection by determining whether all the defects cited in his original report have been properly corrected.

If not, he has to decide whether or not a case can be made that they are covered by the warranty.

Our Home inspector performs his customary serviceability tests of the plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. The items are covered by manufacturers’ warranties when the house is new and otherwise by the home warranty policy.

Here, too, he checks for discrepancies with the original report.

Ideally, the inspector is qualified to do and does a fairly comprehensive pest inspection.

One doesn’t expect any significant infestations or like problems in a year. Unless there are areas inordinately wet or moist.

So the focus of the pest inspection is on checking for heavy moisture. It is indicative of leaking, condensation, or wicking. None of which should occur in a properly constructed home and are therefore covered conditions.

After investigating specific client concerns, the inspector performs a cursory look at the condition of the roof and structural integrity.

He checks the operability and functionality of a representative. Sample of windows, doors, appliances, and cabinets, again being alert to noticeable discrepancies with his previous report.

He is then ready to compile the punch list of items and presented it to the builder or the issuer of the home warranty policy.

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When you are buying a home, you want to be sure that the property is in good condition and that there are no hidden surprises. This is why getting a home inspection is crucial. A home inspection is an examination of the home by a trained professional to assess the condition of the property. In-House Inspections LLC is your go-to professional home inspection company.

The team of pro home inspectors at In-House Inspections LLC follows certain standards set by the state of Tennessee. These standards cover a wide range of items, from the home’s structure to the condition of the plumbing and electrical systems.

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