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Fayette TN Home InspectionThe county of Fayette has a long and rich history, named after the French hero of American Revolution Marquis de la Fayette. With a residential population of 40,036, Fayette County is home to a number of State protected areas. This is in the pursuit of wildlife management and preservation. Since the four-lane expansion in the early 1990s, the county has had a population explosion. It’s because workers from Shelby County seek more affordable housing in Fayette. This is why we have been helping home buyers and sellers with our home inspection in Fayette County as the number of both residents and tourists continue to grow. 

Even though it is a small community compared to its neighbors, it has since become one of the main go-to places for the people of the Memphis metro area. People of all walks of life love the dynamic yet humble community of Fayette as the county transitions from the rural to a suburban lifestyle. 

That being said, here are the home inspection services we offer in Fayette County, TN, and the surrounding areas: 

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  1. Home Buyers Inspection – The only way to know if your new home is a dream come true is to hire our full-time, certified, and experienced Fayette, TN home inspectors. While others only cover 400 items, In-House Inspections cover 16,000 items around the home. We don’t just look around! We also perform 100% thorough home inspection to ensure that nobody’s buying the money pit.
  2. Home Sellers Inspection – Selling is made easier when you have a home inspection prior to listing the property on the market. It allows you to understand and fix any current or potential problems that could directly affect the sale. You can finish any work at your own pace. Therefore you avoid any rush work since no potential buyers are touring around yet. In a nutshell, having the home inspection before a buyer shows up will hasten the selling process with correct pricing, lesser negotiations, cutting repair costs, and provide more confidence to your potential buyer. 
  3. Builder’s Warranty Inspection – Why pay for your builder’s mistakes? There are at least 10 problems with a new home and most new homeowners are not aware of it. If you ignore these issues, you might end up with unexpected and costly repairs down the road. So, while you’re still on the warranty period, have your home inspected by our Fayette home inspectors before it’s too late.  
“Buying a house is stressful, but working along with this company made it so simple. I learned a lot about my new home and different ways to take care of it. In-house has employees who really take their time to ensure your place is as safe as can be.” – Review of In-House Inspections, LLC By Shawn Brewer

We’ve been providing home buyers, sellers, and homeowners thorough and excellent home inspection services since 2006. Choose us for your Fayette home inspection and consider the job done. Our goal at In-House Inspections, LLC is to provide you with a direct and comprehensive evaluation, clear information, and an in-depth understanding of your property. 

We guarantee a home inspection in Fayette and other neighboring areas performed by only the best, competent, and highly skilled professionals from our team. Planning to buy or sell? We are your buying and selling advocates! Call us at (901) 609-7555 to speak with one of our Customer Care Home Inspection Coordinators. You can also take advantage of our 24/7 online scheduler to book your Fayette, TN home inspection right now! 

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