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Arlington TN home inspection, In House Inspection, LLCArlington is a small town in Shelby County with a population of 11,697. Though small in number, Arlington is the second fastest growing community in the state of Tennessee. Arlington has a small-town setting but is complete with the amenities you need. Convenient shops, accessible dining, great attractions across Memphis, and most importantly, beautiful and affordable homes. No wonder why many people choose Arlington as their home.  

That being said, we can’t stress enough how wise it is to seek for a professional Arlington home inspection. In-House Inspections, LLC values every property that we thoroughly inspect for 2 to 4 hours.  We’ve narrowed down the common home issues our Arlington, TN home inspectors have found for over 13 years:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Roof problems
  • Heating and cooling system defects
  • Plumbing issues
  • Inadequate or poorly installed attic ventilation
  • Poor overall house maintenance
  • Poorly installed drainage system
  • Cracks and gaps in walls permitting air and water
  • Structural damages such as broken trusses
  • Environmental problems including mold growth 

But, don’t fret! Our goal is to provide you with real knowledge about the property you are looking at. Remember that while long lists can be overwhelming, take a closer look at the quality and seriousness of the issues so you can act and move forward accordingly. 

We provide a full-color, detailed, and comprehensive inspection report following a 2 to 4 hour inspection of the property. We can’t let you buy the money pit that’s why In-House Inspections, LLC is committed to giving you what you need and deserve the most – peace of mind.

“Bill did an outstanding job. While at the house, he showed us where water and electrical turn off spots were as well as the gas fireplace knobs. The report he completed was very thorough with lots of pictures and explanations of needed repairs.” – Review of In-House Inspections LLC By Kenric D.

Below are our home inspection services in Arlington County:

In-House Inspections LLC Home Inspection Memphis TN - In-House Inspections LLC

1. Home Buyers Inspection 

The only way to know if your new home is a dream come true is to hire our full-time, certified, and experienced Arlington, TN home inspectors. While others only cover 400 items, In-House Inspections cover 16,000 items around the home. We don’t just look around! We perform 100% thorough home inspection to ensure that nobody’s buying the money pit.

2. Home Sellers Inspection

Selling is made easier when you have a home inspection prior to listing the property on the market. It allows you to understand and fix any current or potential problems that could directly affect the sale. Any work can be finished at your own pace, thereby avoiding any rush work since no potential buyers have toured around yet. In a nutshell, having your home inspected before a buyer shows up will hasten the selling process with correct pricing, lesser negotiations, cutting repair costs, and provide more confidence to your potential buyer. 

3. Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Why pay for your builder’s mistakes? There are at least 10 problems with a new home and most new homeowners are not aware of it. If you ignore these issues, you might end up with unexpected and costly repairs down the road. So, while you’re still on the warranty period, have your home inspected by our Arlington home inspectors before it’s too late. 

We’ve been providing home buyers, sellers, and homeowners thorough and excellent home inspection services since 2006. Choose us for your Arlington home inspection and consider the job done. Our goal at In-House Inspections, LLC is to provide you with a direct and comprehensive evaluation, clear information, and in-depth understanding of your property. 

We guarantee a home inspection in Arlington and other neighboring areas performed by only the best, competent, and highly skilled professionals from our team. Planning to buy or sell? We are your buying and selling advocates! Call us at (901) 609-7555 to speak with one of our Customer Care Home Inspection Coordinators. You can also take advantage of our 24/7 online scheduler to book your Arlington, TN home inspection right now!

In-House Inspections Arlington Excellent 5 Star Review by Zachary W.

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