Memphis Home Sellers Inspection, do you need it?


Making the decision to sell a home is a huge step for most homeowners.

But once the decision is made to sell, making your home “marketable” should be your number one goal!

Memphis Home Sellers Inspection

Why hire us for your home pre-listing or seller’s inspection?

Well, we totally understand the emotional attachment you have to your home but you must be realistic about the home as well.

No home is perfect and, as soon as you realize that, you are on your way to making your home more marketable.

Take note: Potential home buyers want to purchase a home that is in tip-top shape, no matter the age of the home.

That’s why having a Pre-Listing Inspection or Seller’s inspection make complete sense.

More reasons why:

  1. Having a home inspection before you put your house on the market will allow you to understand any current or potential problem areas with the home that can be resolved before the buyers arrive.

Therefore, your home will be in better condition for viewing, making it more marketable and this will help you attain the maximum selling price for the home.

2. Resolving problems prior to the buyer’s inspection will save you money in two other ways as well.

First, when you know what needs to be repaired in advance of the sale you can obtain multiple bids for the work that needs to be done and select the best contractor at the best price.

Secondly, the work can be done by the contractor in a time frame that fits his schedule as well thereby avoiding the “Rush Charges” to get the work completed.

3. There is one secret all sellers need to know.

Buyers make their decision to purchase a home based on emotion and justify that decision with logic.

And another thing is equally true:  buyers can fall out of love with a home just as quickly as they fell in love it.

So why let the Buyer’s Inspector develop a long list of items needing repair thereby jeopardizing your sale?

Making the repairs in advance of the sale will save you tons of frustration and disappointment!

4. And, if you request your Memphis home sellers inspection online, we’ll include a carbon monoxide detector FREE!

So let’s review the facts:  Having your home inspected before the first buyer shows up will allow you to sell the home for more money, reduce the cost of the needed repairs, and minimize your frustration with the entire sales process.

Where’s the downside to getting a Pre-Listing Inspection?

What’s that?

Who should you call for the Memphis Home Sellers Inspection?

There’s only one choice to ensure that you get the “Peace of Mind” you’re looking for — In-House Inspections.

“Bill did a great job during our inspection. He answered our questions and concerns and pointed out the necessary repairs. The experience was great and he was extremely knowledgeable and very professional. The report format was easy to read and the online payment option was a plus.” Review of In-House Inspections LLC By Cherish S


5 ways our home sellers inspection can help you sell your home quicker:

Getting a seller inspection from our company should be one of the first things you do before you even list your home for sale.

We will help you set your asking price more accurately and thwarts any obstacle in the selling process.

Read on for five (5) ways our Memphis home sellers inspection can help you sell your home quicker and for more money.

  1. Know Your Home Inside Out

The first thing homeowners think about when deciding to sell their home is to get brokers round to give an idea of the market value and decide whether they will help you list it.

Some savvy sellers will even go online and buy reports about when and how much all the neighbors bought and sold their homes for!

Actually, your smartest move is to pay for a full inspection; this helps you set your price, attract buyers and sidestep road bumps in the selling process.

2. Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Giving our home inspectors an opportunity to inspect your home is the only way to stay ahead of other home sellers.

Even if you buy a report that lets you know about home prices in your area, this won’t tell you about the inspections that the sellers or buyers commissioned or the repairs carried out, or the discounts negotiated as a result.

Reports tell you only what homes sold for, not what repairs they needed or how much they could have sold for if they were in great condition.

Even if you find how much property in your area, with the same size and number of bedrooms as your home sold for, you won’t know about their inspection or repair costs.

Basing your price on theirs is a recipe for disaster.

3. What Repairs Does My Home Need?

Realistically, almost every home needs some form of repair or maintenance.

If you find a buyer and the report they commission finds the need for substantial repairs, they can have two effects.

Firstly, the selling process stops, and you may lose the buyer and miss other potential buyers.

Secondly, if you haven’t researched the repairs your home needs and found out how much they cost, the buyer can give your inflated quotes to get money knocked off your asking price.

Suddenly our seller inspection starts to look like very cheap insurance!

4. How Will You Know The Cost Of Repairs?

Our sellers’ inspection gives you the chance to take stock of the repairs your home needs and contact tradespeople to get quotes.

If you fail to get an inspection from our company, you deny yourself the opportunity to find out how much your home would cost to set right.

Worse still, you’ll be at the mercy of the buyer for the price of the repairs. And, their only objective is to buy your home as cheap as possible.

5. Full Disclosure Bags You The Highest Bidder

A bidding war is every home seller’s dream. And, the only way to justify the asking price is to go into selling all guns blazing.

These days inspection reports from our company will be burnt onto discs. So, the seller can give them to serious potential buyers.

Nothing builds trust like saying to a buyer. Hey, take this inspection report of my home and check it out at your convenience.

An inspection from our company lets you get any repairs your home needs for the lowest possible price. This saves you money and lets you sell your home for the maximum amount.

You as a buyer will still get their report. But they won’t be able to mess you around and derail your plans.

Don’t Get STUCK With A Bunch Of Unpleasant Surprises Once You Move Into The Home!

Call your Memphis Home Inspector at (901) 609-7555 or email today!

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