Your Total Guide to Understanding A Home Inspection Report

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If being bombarded with costly repairs and unpleasant surprises is not your cup of tea, which is obviously not one’s, then having a good understanding of the home inspection report is a must.


What is a home inspection report?

 This report is a compilation of the current conditions of the home and issues of major systems with the purpose of providing you with an informed knowledge of the property. Remember, a home inspection report is not a list of quotes for fixes or replacements.

It’s important that you do not focus on the list of issues but consider the severity of every issue in the report. Even small items can take up most of the inspection reports such as broken outlets which can cause electrical shock and put the homeowners’ lives in danger.


What’s included in the home inspection report?

A home inspection report should comprise the following:

  •       An informational section that explains the general details of the house (e.g. size, construction date…)
  •       Table of contents
  •       General summary and highlights of major concerns or issues
  •         Important details about the functionality of major systems of the home

What makes a home inspection report very relevant is because the defects, especially in major components, are thoroughly described and often come with recommendations on how to move forward. Moreover, your home inspector is likely to include information about the following:

  •         Roofing features (e.g. shingles and flashing)
  •         Attic
  •         Foundation and framing
  •         Basement
  •         Exteriors such as siding, porches, walkways, and balconies if any
  •         Plumbing systems ( e.g. pipes, drains, water heater)
  •         Electrical systems ( e.g. service panels, breakers, fuses)
  •         HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units

A good home inspector is also very crucial with providing a good home inspection report such as including legends on the report ( e.g. informational, observational, for repair, safety hazard, etc.)


What’s not included in the home inspection report

There are certain things that a home inspector cannot do. Since they are not allowed to cause damage or break anything from the property, they cannot visualize what’s behind the walls and therefore cannot inspect such.

Be reminded that the home inspector does not give opinions about whether the house is good or bad. Home inspectors will also not include quotes of repair costs but do make recommendations for proper professional to address certain issues.

Typically, a home inspection report will be provided within 24 hours following the inspection.


Pay attention to these five important items

  1.       Foundation
  2.       Roof
  3.       HVAC systems
  4.       Electrical systems
  5.       Plumbing systems

These items comprise the most in your home and any issues with these components can highly impact the structural integrity of your home. Although as mentioned earlier, it’s not the number of items that counts but the severity of each issue should be addressed properly.

Buyers and sellers can move forward with the best course of action they can agree upon. Remember, even if a house is new or even century-old, defects should not come as a surprise but should be addressed immediately to prevent untoward problems in the future.


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