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Termites! One of the most costly as well as time-consuming problems one can deal with as a homeowner. Millions of bucks are invested annually on termite treatment, elimination as well as prevention. Even in the face of these rising prices, house owners can take preventative actions to ensure their termite treatment expenses continue to be at an affordable degree.

Homeowners do have alternatives to reduce these expenses. The termite inspection is the best choice for the homeowner that intends to take an aggressive approach to termite treatment. This measure, if done often, can help in reducing termite treatment prices over the long-term and avoid considerable termite damage to your home.

What to Look For and also Where to Try to find It

A termite evaluation serves several functions. Normal termite assessments can assist stop future infestations, determine the dimension and intensity of a current problem and also recognize what if any kind of, termite damages might currently exist. The first step in a termite evaluation is to seek indicators of termites around your home. Termite tubes are the most common indicators of a current termite infestation, although various other indications may exist depending on the length of time termites have been gnawing. Additionally referred to as mud tubes, termite tubes are little trails that run up the exterior and interior of the home. The make-up of these tubes is termite saliva and partly digested wood from the swarm, together with various other organic product that may exist.

Even if termites are below ground insects doesn’t indicate there will not be indications of them above ground. It is necessary to do a thorough check of your home, both inside your home and also outdoors when evaluating for termites. The details below will certainly aid you to identify where you need to look to ensure you execute one of the most detailed inspection feasible.


The starting point a property owner need to check is the exterior of the home. The initial signs of termites commonly show up outdoors and the outside of the home often tends to be fairly easy to evaluate. The boundary of the home must be examined extensively. Make certain to inspect the structure or stem wall for indications of termite tubes. It is additionally crucial to get rid of all dead brush from the boundary of the house, as this can be an excellent area for termites to develop their nests. If your house has wood or plastic siding, be sure to examine the base of the exterior siding to search for any kind of timber degeneration or various other signs of termites. When you’ve checked the exterior, you’ll have the ability to relocate within.


The indoor search for termites can be more time-consuming. Signs of termites in the residence might be more difficult to determine for a selection of factors. Your evaluation ought to include every area in your house, ensuring to examine under beds, behind curtains, inside cupboards as well as behind appliances. Termite tubes, like on the outside of the residence, can be present on drywall or on floorboards throughout the home. You need to also try to find imperfections in the wood and drywall of each area. The most convenient means to identify these flaws is to shine a flashlight along the size of the wall to determine any kind of impressions or areas that may be raised. Using a little pressure with your finger to any kind of areas that look influenced will certainly aid to recognize the seriousness of the damage.

Creep Areas

Undoubtedly for houses that have concrete slab structures, crawl areas will certainly not exist, but it is necessary that any type of limited areas around the house be inspected also. You’ll require a flashlight and also a lengthy tool; a crowbar or long screwdriver will function. You’ll additionally intend to put on lengthy trousers and also a lengthy sleeve tee shirt to maintain the dust off. Like your evaluations of the interior and exterior, you’re searching for termite tubes ranging from the ground up the side of the foundation or columns underneath the home. If you find indicators of termites, utilize your tool to check the thickness of the timber near to the termite tubes or dig a trench along the foundation to see if you can find termites. This will aid establish the intensity of the problem or damage.

Attic rooms

The attic should be the final location to look. Although this is the acme in your home, termites can still find their method into your attic room. Referring back to the techniques you used for your crawl area assessment, examine the attic room for termite tubes, mud, termites or decayed wood. If you stumble upon any issue locations, make sure to check the density of the impacted wood.

What is Associated with a Termite Examination?

The moment it requires to conduct a termite inspect relies on a couple of variables. Taking the size, intricacy and number of areas to look, a usually evaluation can take anywhere from thirty minutes to 3 hrs. These examinations ought to be performed every twelve months to guarantee you stay in advance of any kind of termite problems. If you stay in arid climates like the desert, termites are virtually a certainty. If you’re determining in between doing the assessment on your own or employing a professional, here are a few things you must take into consideration.

The dimension of your home ought to be the initial thing you take into consideration. If your house is 1,500 square feet or 5,000, this aspect alone can make a DIY termite evaluation a lot more hassle than it deserves. You’ll also intend to evaluate your availability to the areas of your residence. Some attic rooms do not have adequate rooms to relocate as well as crawl spaces could be so limited that some adults wouldn’t fit via the opening. What year was your home built? This must additionally be considered, as some older houses can have unique areas that are hard to access. The plant life around the property can likewise make it challenging to inspect the whole border of the house.

Expert Termite Evaluation

If a do-it-yourself termite evaluation seems too time-consuming or hard, you might want to work with a qualified termite specialty to conduct the examination. In some cases, property owners might discover a first termite examination is free, with the option to have the exact same professional treat for termites at a later date. Some house owners might require a termite examination report to be used when marketing building. In these instances, just a certified termite business can provide you with one.

The termite assessment record is an in-depth report of your termite problem. Termite examination records are not made to treat or remove termites; rather they supply you with a concept of your present termite trouble. These records can assist you to discover termites at an early stage to decrease or eliminate the possibility for termite damages or high costs in the future.

A termite inspection record can also aid you to identify any type of high-risk locations where termites have actually colonized around your home. You’ll discover the types of termites on your home and the expert will certainly assist you to comprehend the degree of any type of damage that might have already been caused. Last but not least, the report will identify if any type of treatments have actually been performed in the past and give the homeowner with therapy recommendations moving forward.

Whether you pick a qualified professional or decide to conduct your very own inspection, the In-House Inspection can help homeowners conserve hundreds on termite treatment prices in the future. These examinations can additionally offer homeowners peace of mind recognizing that their residence is risk-free from these wood consuming pests. Among the very best termite therapies is termite prevention, Memphis home inspectors are the most effective choice!

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