10 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Improvement Ideas For Your Home

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Did you know that there are easy, simple, and budget-friendly home improvement ideas you can do? Of course! Perhaps you’re thinking about how to do it and which project to start. Let me tell you something. Over the years of conducting home inspections in Memphis, TN the kitchen is one of the major parts of the that catches a buyer’s attention. Why? All important events start in the kitchen. The food preparation is there, it’s a snack storage for kids, and you treat families and guests who come to visit with meals that you prepare in the kitchen. It’s a place where you cook with love. 

Here at In-House Inspections, LLC we’re giving you 10 budget-friendly kitchen improvement ideas for your home you surely can do:

1, Give your sink a new look – Some people are sleek; some people are quirky. If you are the latter, you can refresh your chrome sink by painting it. Use a spray paint designed for metal and it’ll only cost you a fraction of what you would pay when you replace it. However, if the painting is not your thing, you can upgrade by making the faucet a focal point in your kitchen. There are so many styles of faucets out there so choose one that stands out.

2. Hang a decorative light – Your kitchen should be well lit. Get rid of boring, ordinary light bulbs now and make a statement with decorative light fixtures. A fancy, rustic light that matches your existing kitchen decorations and color will totally revamp the place. A statement floor lamp will also be a good option. Other than that, you can also hang battery-powered LED lights under or inside your cupboards or shelves to bring in a more welcoming vibe in the kitchen. 

3. Repaint your cabinets – If you are a lover of white, that’s fine but don’t make everything white. You can keep your white walls in the kitchen or white tiles on the floor but make sure to add color by painting bold colors on your cupboards and cabinets. The color contrast alone can make you feel warm and cozy.

4. Chalkboard fridge? Why not? Ditch the sticky notes that constantly fall off or memos that are left unread. Paint a chalkboard on your refrigerator to consolidate your daily menus and your kid’s drawing space. Apply thin layers of magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. Now you and your family will love looking at your fun and functional fridge. Just expect them to come more often too. 

5. A colorful backsplash for a colorful you! If painting the cabinets is not for you, paint your kitchen’s backsplash then! You can also choose chalkboard paint or install tiles or stick-on materials that can add visual appeal to your kitchen. 

6. Again, don’t just settle for whites. Even your outlet wall plates can be designed too! You can find colorful, textured, and decorative outlets in stores to give your kitchen outlets a fresh new vibe. You can also find stick-on decorations or paint your existing covers. 

7. Pump your kitchen up with new drawer handles. If you think drawer handles are hardly even noticed, changing them can prove you wrong. Choose over the top handles that impact your kitchen’s overall appearance and style. Browse your local store for some drawer pulls or knobs for affordable sets of hardware.

8. Expand your storage. If your cabinets are no longer enough, don’t fret. Maximize your kitchen space by transforming an empty wall into a cook bookshelf or by hanging pans and kitchen utilities. You can also include pull-out trays, lazy Susans, and space-saving shelving units. 

9. Update your kitchen by replacing worn rugs, curtains, kitchen decors, and runners with bright fabrics and pretty artwork pieces. You can also revamp your spice and food containers by choosing uniform style jars and labeling them accordingly. 

10. Declutter. Nothing beats deep cleaning. Toss out outdated food from your fridge. Let go of utensils and appliances you no longer use and simply remove items that just don’t belong in the kitchen. You don’t need to spend a single dime to create a tidy and spacious kitchen. 

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