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All You Need to Know About Roofing Inspections

Posted on: August 13, 2019 by in Blog
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A home is said to be the most expensive purchase you could ever make. What most people don’t know is that roofing is the second most, and yet it’s part of the house! Whether you are planning to sell your home or you are buying one, roof inspection should be part of your checklist, and definitely at the top. While it is very important to secure a safe roof for your home, it can also be quite an investment, but for good reasons.   Why Roofing Inspection is a Win-Win Roof Continue Reading ...

Real estate ready: Smart tips for first-time homebuyers

Posted on: August 7, 2019 by in Blog
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Today’s first-time homebuyers face a variety of hurdles when trying to enter the real estate market. While interest rates have declined recently and there are signs that more inventory may be coming onto the market, many buyers continue to feel the frustration in finding and financing a home. Additionally, high levels of student loan debt and entry-level jobs that didn’t pay as much as expected have made homeownership financially difficult for millennials. Many have opted to move in with Continue Reading ...

Is It Pass or Fail? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous About a Home Inspection

Posted on: July 31, 2019 by in Blog
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Most people get scared of the idea of the property being examined. Believe me, I think so too! But, for some good reasons. I get scared of property not convenient enough for the next homeowners. I get scared with the thought of January rains and July heat ruining the lifespan of my roofing. I get scared with the thought of mold and mildew buildup as soon as the cold weather of November starts kicking in. You see, a home inspection is not something you should be scared of. It’s something Continue Reading ...

Termite Inspector – What Do They Do?

Posted on: July 25, 2019 by in Blog
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Often when we consider a termite inspector, we think about a pietistic salesman. Nonetheless, that is normally a misconception. A termite inspector is a professional with specialized expertise and also training the help you safeguard as well as maintain the framework of your house. It is constantly best to look for one that is not associated with a bug control business whenever possible to prevent the appearance of problems of interest as well as to give you some guarantee that you are not Continue Reading ...

The Importance of Termite Inspections

Posted on: July 18, 2019 by in Blog
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One product that's often left off the house owner's yearly upkeep checklist is a termite inspection. Sadly, this leads to thousands as well as hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs as well as headaches since these damaging little bugs enter undetected. When within, they gnaw at the very timber residences are made from. Without a termite treatment did instantly, the damage can be considerable. Sometimes, it can get so bad that the structure may also become unsalvageable. Falling short to Continue Reading ...

5 smart home upgrades that will pay off later

Posted on: July 12, 2019 by in Blog
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Whether you want to make the most of your home now, or you’re thinking of selling soon, smart upgrades can boost your enjoyment of your home and increase its resale value. Some upgrades improve the aesthetics of your house, while others help save on energy costs or improve the functionality of the home. Still, others can add a touch of luxury. Why not consider smart upgrades for right now, instead of waiting until you’re ready to sell? You can certainly appreciate the upgrades now, while Continue Reading ...

3 small things (plus 1 big thing) that you can do to add value to your home

Posted on: July 2, 2019 by in Blog
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When it comes to your home, you want updates that make your property more comfortable, beautiful and of course, valuable. Whether you have a big budget or more elbow grease than cash to invest, there are numerous things you can do to improve your home's worth immediately. Here are three small things you can do to boost your home's value, plus one big one that will really make an impact. Small change #1 – Fresh paint Paint is one of the most affordable ways to bring dramatic change to Continue Reading ...

How to avoid hidden dangers in home and office furniture

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Awareness of health risks from potentially harmful chemicals has grown exponentially in recent years. Consumers are demanding transparency regarding what’s in the food, personal care products and household items we use every day. But did you know that many home and office furnishings contain chemicals linked to cancer, asthma and other ailments? These chemicals can create potentially toxic air that we breathe inside — where we spend 90 percent of our time — every day. According to the Continue Reading ...

Home Buyers Inspection Checklist

Posted on: June 21, 2019 by in Blog
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  Seeing houses can be very amazing as well as we have a tendency to look at the décor as well as sizes of spaces. What we fail to do is to truly take a look at the residences for any kind of flaws that may be there. They can be little points such as a toilet taking as well long to purge or refill, water pressure could be reduced, to the furnace not being serviced annual. It would certainly profit you as the property owner to inspect some details as you go through the home. Some Continue Reading ...

The homeowners guide to reading your roof

Posted on: June 14, 2019 by in Blog
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How to tell when your roof needs repair Four out of five homes in the U.S. have asphalt shingles on their roof. And it’s easy to see why. The wide variety of available colors and styles, combined with durability and affordability, has made asphalt shingles the leading choice for residential roofing in the country. But, like all exterior building products, asphalt shingles start to age as soon as they are exposed to nature. Buildings experience aging factors differently, so it’s Continue Reading ...