7 Home Inspection Tips for Home Sellers

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The first and foremost reason why a home inspection is essential prior to listing the property on the market is that it impacts the entirety of your sale. You get a clear picture of the state of your house and be able to address the major issues. Gaining a comprehensive inspection report from our home inspectors in Memphis, Tennessee will be useful in appropriately pricing your home.

Getting ready for a home inspection is due diligence from the seller’s end. Some people think it’s a tough job but it’s actually pretty easy to do. Here at In-House Inspections, LLC, we’ve listed down 9 tips on preparing for a home inspection:


1. Clean the house – not necessarily deep cleaning but a well-cleaned home leaves a good impression to whoever walks into your home. Clean up the exteriors as well. Most homeowners overlook the thought that home inspection Memphis TN are people first and inspector second. A clean home shows how much you take care of. Get rid of the thought that inspectors can see past stuff because obviously, they don’t.

2. Before the time is on-time – Being ready 30-15 minutes prior to the appointment is what makes you on time. Next thing you know, that somebody on your front yard is already inspecting the property. Make sure that your house is already prepared, including the exteriors.

3. If you are leaving the home during the inspection, at least leave the utilities connected – a home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination but it doesn’t mean our home inspectors are just looking around. The home inspector will turn on the appliances such as stove, air conditioning, dishwasher, and others so better leave the utilities on. The electrical system will also be checked and it’s impossible to do if the power is turned off. The inspector might have to reschedule the appointment which would, in turn, delay the inspection report, and ultimately delaying the sale.

4. Remove any clutter or blockages – The inspector will need at least three to four feet of working space to inspect items such as the furnace, air conditioner, and water heater. Make sure to remove boxes, bookcases, shelves, or furniture that might be blocking the space.

5. Provision of easy access to every room, including the attic, is a must – Keep the path clear for the inspector to be able to access your attic, basement, crawl spaces and every room in the house. Secure valuable and move all items away from the walls at least two feet.

6. Leave keys for exterior building access and electrical boxes – label the keys and put them on the kitchen table so the inspector can check them.

7. Provide documents if repairs or renovations were done – Whether you installed a brand new AC system or had a plumbing system fixed, it is important that you provide documents for all the remodeling or repairs done inside your home. This way, the buyer will be more confident with your home, knowing that these items were inspected and that you are a transparent seller.


A comprehensive inspection report can either make or break the sale of your home. It is always a good idea to make a proper investment by having Memphis home inspectors conducted before you begin listing it. As a seller, it’s not only about the inside of your home that counts, everything else in between matters because home inspection contingency rights give the buyer the right to back out of a purchase or negotiate based on the inspection report, ultimately losing the sale altogether.

Here at In-House Inspections, we will be your home buying and selling advocate. Planning to sell your property in Memphis, TN area? We can definitely help!

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